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Laura Verrall@ 11:16 06-08-2020
Such a beautiful breed and your website has reassured me that this will be the perfect pup for me. Theyre big personalities in such a little body just seem perfect. They will keep up with our energetic lifestyle and will love our camping holidays away. Thank you for all your help and information
Heide Scheffler@ 18:38 06-05-2020
hello, I`m writing from germany- excuse me but my english is not so good - I`m Looking for a Swedish vallhound puppies - I like the salt and pepper tan with no or short tail - I like female doggies - my first vestgotaspets came from Lady inchcape breeding and died in the age of 16 - and my second Girl came from wendy fry and died one and a half year ago in the proud age of 19 years - this was very hard for me - but time goes bye and now the wish is great - please can you contact me when you know something
with Kind regards
heide scheffler
Replied on: 13:21 07-05-2020

Hello Heide,
Thank you for your message. I have replied to you by e-mail.
Kind regards,
Wendy Sharman

Adrian Soutter@ 22:53 08-03-2020
I am looking to buy a Norwegian Elkhound. I in the financial and personal position to look after such a beautiful dog. Living in the New Forrest, I live in an idyllic area of the country for an energetic and outdoor loving dog.
Many thanks
Replied on: 13:31 07-05-2020

Hi Adrian, I have replied by e-mail.
Regards, Wendy Sharman

dawn wright@ 18:36 03-11-2019
i was hoping to buy a norwegian elkhound early next year, 2020. could you help? there seems to be very few around. i live in the uk, but would be happy to import from a reputable breeder.
EB@ 20:35 24-08-2019
I invite you to the webpage about Norwegian Elkhound breeders and kennels in Europe!
Anne@ 21:13 27-01-2019
lovely site! well done! I have lived with elkies all mylife!
Lana@ 16:50 01-11-2018
Great site and a wonderful breed - I'm biased :-)
Lana@ 16:49 01-11-2018
Great site and a wonderful breed - I'm biased :-)
Sue Ratz@ 21:50 02-08-2018
Hi Wendy,
I am looking forward to meeting you at the World Show in Amsterdam.
Stella Coombes@ 15:04 04-02-2018
Lovely site.
Elluboy@ 14:04 10-01-2018
Hi Wendy
I have a question
How much cost a dog
Wilma Plantinga@ 15:00 07-07-2017
Hello Wendy, I have seen and enjoyed your website today. I have met you 2 times now in 2017 and was curious about the background of your life with your dogs.
Hopefully see you again. Gr. Wilma Plantinga
Eduardo Yartu@ 19:33 11-03-2015
Please i need a puppy Elkhound, for my daugther, we ,ve lose our hounddog,(Karelia), Hugs and kisses
Replied on: 10:43 20-03-2015

Eduardo, I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry that I am unable to help you with a Norwegian Elkhound puppy. Regards, Wendy

ozer kemal erman@ 11:42 01-01-2015
Hello Michael
I know long time no see
I retired from university now and am an honorary fellow!
I have been remembering your friendship of long years ago
at Byrne Palmer etc.
My wife still remembers the day when you kindly helped to bring our sons from hospital- do you remember? in thet red sports car.
I am not sure whether Wendy will remember us.
If you happen to be around Kingston please contact me,
we could remember old - good - days.
Replied on: 13:04 01-01-2015

Hello Ozer, i certainly do remember you! I hope you and the family are all keeping well. I have passed you message over to Michael who will no doubt e-mail you.
Best wishes for the coming year, Wendy

Beppie de boer@ 21:28 06-06-2014
Wij zijn op zoek naar een pup van een Noorse eland hond Wii hebben er al een en onze Myrthe is helaas een paar weken terug overleden nu zoeken wij een nieuw maatje voor onze Boris ik heb u al een paar keer proberen te belen en ik heb u ook al een mailtje gestuurd maar nog geen reactie dus vandaar op deze manier tv Gr Beppie 0228584065/06-10060663

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