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Lili-Ann hultman@ 10:49 19-03-2021
Hej!vart bor ni o har ni valpar på gång?
Mvh Lili-Ann i Kisa, Östergötland,070-5343008, hittade inget nummer till er
Laura Verrall@ 11:16 06-08-2020
Such a beautiful breed and your website has reassured me that this will be the perfect pup for me. Theyre big personalities in such a little body just seem perfect. They will keep up with our energetic lifestyle and will love our camping holidays away. Thank you for all your help and information
Heide Scheffler@ 18:38 06-05-2020
hello, I`m writing from germany- excuse me but my english is not so good - I`m Looking for a Swedish vallhound puppies - I like the salt and pepper tan with no or short tail - I like female doggies - my first vestgotaspets came from Lady inchcape breeding and died in the age of 16 - and my second Girl came from wendy fry and died one and a half year ago in the proud age of 19 years - this was very hard for me - but time goes bye and now the wish is great - please can you contact me when you know something
with Kind regards
heide scheffler
Replied on: 13:21 07-05-2020

Hello Heide,
Thank you for your message. I have replied to you by e-mail.
Kind regards,
Wendy Sharman

Adrian Soutter@ 22:53 08-03-2020
I am looking to buy a Norwegian Elkhound. I in the financial and personal position to look after such a beautiful dog. Living in the New Forrest, I live in an idyllic area of the country for an energetic and outdoor loving dog.
Many thanks
Replied on: 13:31 07-05-2020

Hi Adrian, I have replied by e-mail.
Regards, Wendy Sharman

dawn wright@ 18:36 03-11-2019
i was hoping to buy a norwegian elkhound early next year, 2020. could you help? there seems to be very few around. i live in the uk, but would be happy to import from a reputable breeder.
EB@ 20:35 24-08-2019
I invite you to the webpage about Norwegian Elkhound breeders and kennels in Europe!
Anne@ 21:13 27-01-2019
lovely site! well done! I have lived with elkies all mylife!
Lana@ 16:50 01-11-2018
Great site and a wonderful breed - I'm biased :-)
Lana@ 16:49 01-11-2018
Great site and a wonderful breed - I'm biased :-)
Sue Ratz@ 21:50 02-08-2018
Hi Wendy,
I am looking forward to meeting you at the World Show in Amsterdam.
Stella Coombes@ 15:04 04-02-2018
Lovely site.
Elluboy@ 14:04 10-01-2018
Hi Wendy
I have a question
How much cost a dog
Wilma Plantinga@ 15:00 07-07-2017
Hello Wendy, I have seen and enjoyed your website today. I have met you 2 times now in 2017 and was curious about the background of your life with your dogs.
Hopefully see you again. Gr. Wilma Plantinga
Eduardo Yartu@ 19:33 11-03-2015
Please i need a puppy Elkhound, for my daugther, we ,ve lose our hounddog,(Karelia), Hugs and kisses
Replied on: 10:43 20-03-2015

Eduardo, I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry that I am unable to help you with a Norwegian Elkhound puppy. Regards, Wendy

ozer kemal erman@ 11:42 01-01-2015
Hello Michael
I know long time no see
I retired from university now and am an honorary fellow!
I have been remembering your friendship of long years ago
at Byrne Palmer etc.
My wife still remembers the day when you kindly helped to bring our sons from hospital- do you remember? in thet red sports car.
I am not sure whether Wendy will remember us.
If you happen to be around Kingston please contact me,
we could remember old - good - days.
Replied on: 13:04 01-01-2015

Hello Ozer, i certainly do remember you! I hope you and the family are all keeping well. I have passed you message over to Michael who will no doubt e-mail you.
Best wishes for the coming year, Wendy

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